What we wore... on Halloween


Me: The birds of Hitchcock
Fran: The Blue Screen Of Death
Alex: The Gryffindor-student-impostor
...and a strange version of Bernat.

I hope you had a happy Halloween!

Yo: Los Pájaros de Hitchcock
Fran: El pantallazo Azul de la Muerte
Alex: La estudiante-impostora-de-Gryffindor
... y una extraña versión de Bernat.

Espero que hayais pasado un feliz Halloween!

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Salvaged Strawberry dijo...

Your costume is amazing! I love it!

Renée dijo...


call me debbie dijo...

I want to see the birds now again, yesterday I saw again Hitchcock's "the Rope". Have you seen it? The whole movie may be filmed in a studio but the quotes and the screenplay are great, you know simple and perfect. Hitchcock's way! :)

Gentri dijo...

haha! I LOVE your costume. THat's fantastic!

thelittlealli dijo...

Your costume is so awesome! Love it!!


Linda Jordan dijo...

Cute costumes!! I hope you had a great Halloween :)

Blue Eyed Night Owl dijo...

Love your costume!

This was the first time I dressed up for Halloween ever(they don't really do it in my country) and I picked Frida Kahlo:)