Nature photos


Last Saturday we hiked with my family. We walked about 5 hours and it was pretty hard, but I loved it! Ah! and we found a lot of comestible mushrooms!

El sábado pasado nos fuimos de excursión con mi família. Caminamos unas 5 horas y fue un poco duro pero me encantó! Ah! Y encontramos un montón de setas comestibles!


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JellyBones dijo...

I adore mushroom photos!!! They are so cool aren't they?

jorjiapeach dijo...

lovely photos, missy. whimsical, almost.

Blue Eyed Night Owl dijo...

Gorgeous! I'm not sure what it is you're holding in that first picture, but it's so pretty and vibrant.

Lauryn Green dijo...

Thank you!!
Blue eyed night owl, these are some comestible wild fruits. I don't remember the name, but they are yummy!

Anónimo dijo...

Beautiful photos!! What a lovely hike!

thelittlealli dijo...

I love the top photo as well! Very festive :)


trishie dijo...

Such lovely photos! I esp love the first one.