Tea for animals series


Hey!  These days I've been very concentrate drawing these little animals and I want to draw more!
any suggestions? :)

Hey! Estos días he estado súper concentrada dibujando estos animalitos y quiero dibujar más!
Alguna sugerencia? :)

6 comentarios:

Jane HyunJoo Lee dijo...

They are adorable!!!
I'd love to see deer, owl and giraffe are having tea too :D

Stephanie dijo...

Beautiful! Well done :) I second the owl having tea idea.

Erin dijo...

can we get an elephant, please! haha, these are great, so glad you sent me your blog! love it!

The Craft-Arty Kid dijo...

These make me smile!
How bout a panda? Or a koala?

Lauryn Green dijo...

Thank you at all for your ideas! I'll create new animals drinking tea :D

Bernat de Pablo dijo...

What about a squid ^^ :D