Photo an hour


10am. Going with Alex to a short film competition recorded with phones. We have 3 days to record a mini movie of the sea. This is for a festival called Maremostra 2012. 

11am. In the Microsoft innovation center (MICTT). There they explained to us how to participate in the competition.

12pm. A little break thinking for ideas!

1pm. I drove to meet Fran to have luch in the center. I was singing Arctic Monkeys and the Juno soundtrack all the way! Just drive with the windows down makes me happy. 

2pm. Mmmmm! Indian food. We loved it, It's been a long time since I ate in that sort of restaurant. 

3.30pm. Waiting for the bus and arriving late to class...

4.15pm. At the university. I love this part, there are ducks swimming in the lake and peacocks. I only go to the campus for taking chinese lesons, the rest of the classes are in another part of the city not so pretty...

5pm. A little break in my chinese classes. I hope I can keep studying for a long time because I love it!

6pm. In the bus again. Going to meet Fran to go for a walk. 

7pm. We went to many shops including a vintage store (Seattle vintage store)! but we don't bought anything, It's a little expensive for us...

8pm. In Maremostra 2012. We were waiting to see "Oceans". Its my favourite documentary... It's spectacular!

10pm. The end!

What a hard/funny day!


4 comentarios:

Laura dijo...

Qué buena idea la competencia de cortos! Me encantan esas cosas y encanta el mar <3 Podrás mostrar tu trabajo cuando esté hecho? o:
Qué lindo, aprendés chino omgomgomg <3

Lauryn Green dijo...

Me patece que si que podremos colgarlo en internet! A ver que tal nos queda...

Jane HyunJoo Lee dijo...

You take Chinese class?
Wow!!! That's so impressive!! :)
Good luck with your video competition!!

irene wibowo dijo...

sounds a great trip.. :)

Irene Wibowo