Have you ever eaten snails?


Well, I know that in many countries it could be revolting. But it's customary in Mallorca (and the rest of Spain and France) to eat snails. And what's most, here we have an anual snails fair. My family and participate for 6 years I think, my father and uncle cook a lot of "fideuàs" with snails. It's similar to a paella, but with noodles and snails.
I have to say that I've never eaten a snail, I can't. But every year we have a lot of sales! People like it and returns every year only for eat our "fideuà"! 

Bueno, sé que en muchos países puede ser asqueroso. Pero es costumbre en Mallorca (y en el resto de españa y Francia) comer caracoles. Y lo que es más, aquí tenemos una feria anual del caracol. Mi familia y yo participamos hace 6 años creo, mi padre y mi tío cocinan un montón de fideuàs con caracoles. Es parecido a la paella, pero con fideos y caracoles.
Tengo que decir que nunca he comido un caracol, no puedo. Pero cada año tenemos un montón de ventas! A la gente le gusta y vuelve cada año solo para comer nuestra fideuà!

Also, in thar fair there were many local animal species!
Además en esta feria había un montón de especies de animales locales!

PS: Hey! Last week Ashley from Tea for Two published an interview of me on her blog. If you want, you can read it here!

PD: Hey! La semana pasada Ashley de Tea for Two publicó una entrevista mía en su blog. Si queréis la podéis leer aquí!

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lazy explorers dijo...

This is crazy to me! Are they delicious? I can't wait to tell Dom, he will think it is so cool you guys eat snails!

Lauryn Green dijo...

hahaha I don't know, but people says that they are delicious. If you come some day, my parents will cook snails for you!

riana. dijo...

I loved it the interview of you. :)

andrea brionne dijo...

Oh goodness!! I've never eaten snails. The only crazy thing I've eaten is guinea pig (qui) in Peru!

andrea brionne @thedailyeverythings.blogspot.com

Hatta Shani dijo...

Yes! I love to eat it, they really delicious!
In my country they made it become daily snack, or as a dish for lunch!

by the way I'm shani (your new follower)
nice to meet u :D
your blog inspired me so much, i really love your art ^^

if u have spare time, take a peek at my blog :


See u ^^