I don't have instagram


I don't have an Iphone too, but I have to say that my phone It's perfect for me! I have an HTC 7 trophy with windows phone.
 I have to confess I'm a disaster with phones. My last phones ended badly, have fallen into the water, in the toilet (yes.) and I lost a lot of them.
All I want for a phone is that the camera works well (and the rest too, haha), and I'm very happy with mine! I love to capture my daily life.
 I use the Thumba Cam app, I love it! have a lot of different filters. Here is my favourite pics:

No tengo un Iphone tampoco, pero tengo que decir que mi móvil es perfecto para mi! Tengo un HTC 7 trophy con windows phone.
Tengo que confesar que soy un desastre con los móviles. Mis otros teléfonos acabaron mal, se me han caído al agua, al váter (sí.) y he perdido un montón de ellos.
Todo lo que quiero de un teléfono es que la cámara funcione bien (bueno, y el resto también, claro jaja), y estoy muy feliz con el mío! Me encanta poder retratar mi día a día.
Uso la aplicación Thumba Cam, me encanta! Tiene un montón de filtros diferentes. Aquí os dejo mis fotos favoritas:

Have a good sunday!

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Alexandra Cabrer dijo...

¡Qué mona tu madre! Me ha gustado mucho esa foto, es muy feliz.
Bueno, en realidad me gustan todas las fotos :)... viciada! jaja

Rachael dijo...

Good to see i'm not the only person without an iphone! I was starting to think I was the only one. My last phone fell into the loo, I tried to make it work by leaving it in the bowl of rice trick but that didn't work either. Sadly. The phone I have no was really cheap so the camera isn't very good at all so I just stick to using a cheap digital camera for random occasions that call for a photo.

Amy Seager dijo...

These are gorgeous photos and just prove that you don't need an iPhone to take beautiful shots!

Lovely blog too!

Come visit mine sometime!

Jane HyunJoo Lee dijo...

Hello, Lauryn!
I don't have an iPhone either.
Is your phone Android?
Android started having Instagram on their app!
I love all your pictures :)
My favorite is the one with button in a jar :)
I just ordered the jars/bottles and I think I'm gonna store some of my craft materials there too :)

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) dijo...

Iphone or not, these pictures look great! I would have thought they WERE instagram! By the way, I also use to drop my phone in the toilet alllll the time. lol!



jessica dijo...

So many pretty images! :)

Laura dijo...

yo tampoco tengo instagram, no sé por qué mi teléfono no es compatible :c pero bueno .. siempre habrá otras aplicaciones <3

Hatta Shani dijo...

It's so fun hanging out with friends :D