It's not worth the trouble


Recently I wrote a post with some accusations to some copycat. I don't know if you read it, I was very angry when I wrote it. And when I published it, first I felt powerful, but then I felt very bad and I deleted it.
When I've seen that I had a lot of views in one moment, I thought one thing: I don't want to have more views because of that incident. I want to have more views of my blog because my work is good. In this blog only happy things are allowed!
And another thing, I wasted all my afternoon angry and writting that post, I could have done something more interesting and positive than writting that stupid thing!
Tomorrow I'm gonna work x2!

That post that Melissa sent me made me reflect, it's really good.
And thank you for all positive comments! :)

Recientemente he escrito un post con algunas acusaciones a alguien que me copió. No sé si lo habréis leído, estaba muy enfadada cuando lo escribí. Y después de publicarlo me sentí como poderosa, pero justo después me sentí muy mal y lo he borrado. Cuando he visto que en un momento he tenido un montón de visitas he pensado una cosa: no quiero tener más visitas por culpa de este incidente. Quiero tener visitas porque mi trabajo es bueno. Y en este blog solo se permiten cosas felices!
Y otra cosa, he perdido toda la tarde enfadada y escribiendo ese post, podría haber hecho algo más interesante y positivo que estar escribiendo por una cosa tan estúpida.
Mañana voy a trabajar x2!

Este post que Melissa me envió me hizo reflexionar, es muy bueno.
Y gracias por todos los comentarios positivos! :)

3 comentarios:

Renée dijo...

This is very mature of you. I was ready to come to your defense though!!
Godd for you :)

Gentri dijo...

How have I never come across your blog before? Love it!! :)
I think we've all experienced moments like this. I know I have. :) I always think letting it blow over is better than highlighting it. Good for you. :)

call me debbie dijo...

I angry with you, I have been in this situation some times in my life and I am happy that now I can handle such things a little more patiently. The truth is that when you are angry and frustrated you write/say things that you WILL want to take back afterwards. The "funny thing" also is that that acting like a crazy one will reduce your right. You will be the "bad guy" and sometimes not everyone will take you seriously again, even though they would!

So congrats dear for this, you did well! :)