Hiking day


Hi! Yesterday Fran and I went to hike, and here there's some pictures I took. We went from Esporles to Banyalbufar. I took all the pictures with an iphone 4 and I've edited them with Aferlight :)

Beautiful notebooks


Hello! Who doesn't love note books? I have a little obsession of collecting notebooks (I think that I've said this before...) but when I see one I can't resist to buy it!

If you don't take risks, you don't win


It has been a long time since I wrote, and the truth is that I've been missing it so much, is like to talk to a good friend after a long time.
It happened the same to me to draw on paper, I work a lot in front of a screen and the last thing I wanted was to spend a half an hour more at the computer to write on the blog.
This time I haven't felt guilty for not blogging, well, just a bit at first, but then thought that I would want to write again and that you don't have to force yourself when you don't want to do something.

Many things have happened; I left Berlin and moved back to Mallorca, I first went to my parents' house, had a great summer, and most importantly, a week ago I was able become independent and now live in Palma my friend Alex.

Since I moved is when I wanted to write again here and draw on paper. I have also started a mini garden, as my Berlin's old housemate (who I miss terribly) recommended to me to combat stress and not spend much time in front of a screen.

The truth is that blogging again it's also a bit scary, because if I leave again. But lately I've taken quite risky decisions and the truth is that everything It's going really well. You know, if you don't take risks you don't win.

Have a good week :)



Drawing inspired by Lucy Sky, a very brave girl and a good friend.



Hello! I love making my characters move.
Have a great Tuesday, friends!


Exploring the abandoned sanatorium in Beelitz (Germany)


Hello! Some time ago, we went to explore this abandoned sanatorium in Beelitz, very close to Berlin, Germany.

The experience was quite surreal, I couldn't image how many stories happened on these buildings. I have to say that it's illegal to go there without a guide, that's why we couldn't see much of the complex (60 buildings!) because we were caught. Two times. But was worth it!

Have a great week!

Things to be thankful for


Inspired on this post, I've started writing on a notebook every night 3 things I'm thankful for. I'd like to share my lists with you sometimes and I also recommend you to do it. It's always good to remind yourself that you have things everyday to be grateful for.
This is my list for today:

- Having a confortable place for sleeping

- Friends that give you flowers
- Being able to see and talk with my grandmas with the webcam. They're always surprised to see me on an ipad :)


Let's be silly


Give us a camera and we'll be the happiest.
From out last trip to the UK :)

Photos by my friend Alexandra Cabrer.

An article for Artful Blogging


Hi! Some time ago I wrote an article for Artful Blogging, and I still can't believe it, when I had the magazine in my hands I was kind of shocked. That's not me... I was thinking, but yes, I did!
It's an article that talks about my tricks of how to stay motivated for doing a creative work, and they featured a lot of my work! I couldn't be more excited :)

Thank you to the Stampington & Company team for this amazing opportunity!

Do you want to grab a copy? Click here!

Have a nice day,

April free desktop calendar


Hey! Last month was impossible to make the calendar, but this here it is the April one!
It's inspired of the vegetables and fruits of spring :)

Download it here.

Have a nice day!

The Carey Family


Make custom portraits can be a very delightful experience, recently I had this commission for a sweet couple. They eloped on a museum and wanted to send this card to their loved ones. I drew a lot of details that are meaningful for them, like the beavers of the museum, their dog (that couldn't assist), and the fact that they had to toast with juice because that was the only thing that they had at that moment. How sweet is that? This is one of that moments when I feel very lucky to have this that now I can call my job :)

Have a nice Monday!

My experience with Firmoo.com (not sponsored)


Hey! Some time ago I was really bored with my glasses and I needed a change, so I started thinking of buying a new ones, but you know, there's no so much money for those quirks, so I started looking some websites that they offered very cheap glasses and I found Firmoo.com. I started reading some blogger experiences with them and I found that they were giving for free the first pair of glasses (from one selection),  I only had to pay the shipping. So why not? 

But the experience at the beginning was a bit weird (but it not was their fault) because I've ordered a glasses but they never arrived to my home, so I started asking them what happened. Their customer service people was so kind (and quick!) and they started searching what happened with my lost glasses. Finally we discovered that someone in my building named "Peter" had them. Here in Germany is very common that when you're not at home and some package for you arrives, the neighbors take it and then they give it to you. So I started my journey to search Peter but... surprise! There's no Peters in my building. This is still a mystery.

So what happened next was that they were offering me a new pair of glasses for free (with free shipping) but the model that I ordered was not available anymore. And I could choose any glasses I wanted from the whole store! Very cool. 

The glasses that I've chosen are these ones and I love them so much! 

As I said, this post is not sponsored, I just wanted to share my experience with this company. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions! :)

Have a nice sunday!




I don't know why but I've always wanted to be 24, It's an age that sounds pretty good to me.
Yesterday I had a wonderful day with Fran and a dinner with friends, I'd loved to be with my family and some friends, but not everything is possible, so I'll celebrate it anyways when I'm back in Mallorca (in 1 month!)

I think that this will be the best year, I'll be back home from living one year in Berlin, I'll have some work published, and If everything continues as planned, I'll have in my hands (and in some bookstores too) my first illustrated children's book. YAY!

I'm putting lots of expectations on you 24, so don't disappoint me!


Collaboration with Lazzari


Hello! Some months ago I received an e-mail from Lazzari, a beautiful online store in Italy. They were asking me if they could use one of my designs for making a dress. And here is the result! I couldn't be happier with the result, I think that the back of the dress is very cute.

Hola! Hace un par de meses recibí un e-mail de Lazzari, una bonita tienda online en Italia. Me preguntaron si podían usar uno de mis diseños para hacer un vestido. Y aquí está el resultado! No podría estar más contenta con el resultado. Creo que la parte de detrás del vestido es muy mona.

And they also have made a skirt in two colors!
I think that their spring/summer collection is amazing, what I really love the most of this store is that all are handmade, you can see that everything is made with love.

Y también han hecho una falda en dos colores!
Creo que su colección primavera/verano es increíble, lo que más me gusta de esta tienda es que todo lo que tienen está hecho a mano, se puede ver que todo lo que hay está hecho con amor.

Have a great week!


Que tengáis una buena semana!