Latest work // Últimos trabajos


Hi! Some time ago, Jo won a custom portrait on the blog of Kitty and Buck and here is the final result.

Hola! Hace un tiempo, Jo ganó un retrato personalizado en el Blog de Kitty and Buck y aquí está el resultado final.
And here I show you some screenshots of the progress. I sent Jo the fist drawing and then she asked for a few changes, like eyes, dress and hair. The final result is very different and better from the first one!
If anyone is interested in a custom portrait like this can visit my shop to see the pricing.

Y aquí os enseño algunas capturas de pantalla del proceso. Le envié a Jo el primer dibujo y después ella me pidió algunos cambios como los ojos, el vestido y el pelo. El resultado final es muy diferente y mejor que el primero!
Si alguien está interesado en un retrato personalizado como este puede visitar mi tienda para ver los precios.

Afternoon with friends


Finally almost all my friends and I are in the island this month. We spent the afternoon just making photos of each other :)

Zaira's new tattoo!

What I have been doing...


The last week we've been recording a short film for a disabled people association. We had the hottest weather here in Mallorca and sometimes it was a bit hard to record but it worth it, of course! And I'm happy because finally I have pictures of me working! All the photos are from the wonderful photographer Elena Valverde :)

5 things I love #16


I like wearing backpacks! They're comfortable and have a lot of space for carrying everything. This one is perfect!

I love the idea of cute temporary tattoos, I love the feather so much.

I'd have this embroidery hoop in my future home.

I really love the art of Oana Befort. She makes the cutest wartercolors I've seen. This notebook is one of my favorite things of her shop.

I love the color and shape of this collar.

Have a nice wednesday!

Living slowly


Lately I've been having anxiety problems. Those days I'm trying to enjoy every minute and live more slowly than I'm used to. Live slowly doesn't means to be lazy, it means to enjoy, chew, savor and breathe, work less but better. For people that know me in person that could sound strange, because I seem like a very quiet person, but my mind never stops, I have all the nerves inside me.

This is what I'm trying to do: I leave the phone when I go to the beach or walking, I take breaks for reading a few pages of something I like (like this magazine, Kireei, that inspired me to do this), and I've deactivated the sounds for new emails.

What do you like to do for disconnect? :)