Llegaremos a tiempo project


Last week I was invited to dinner with the girls and boys of ASDICA, an organization of disabled people of Calvià (Mallorca, Spain)
Well, for me is difficult to put into words what I felt and learned that night (and how much I enjoyed it). So it's better to see the video to understand :)
Tomorrow and the following 3 days I'll be shooting a shortfilm for them, I'm so excited!

Have a nice day!



Do you remember when your hardest decision was to choose only one? A few times I won an extra ice cream on the stick. That's happiness.
Do you had ice creams like these ones? Or there were only in Spain in the 80's/90's? :)

My favorite veggie burgers


Hello! Today I want to share my favorite recipe of veggie burgers. Also I've shared one made of beans, but this one is much better!

Ingredients for 6-7 burgers:

  • 1/4 cup of lentils
  • 1/4 cup of rice
  • 1 cup (or more) of breadcrumbs
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 chopped onion
  • 1 chopped carrot
  • 1 chopped garlic
  • 1 tsp of cumin (or more to taste)
  • 1tsp of oregano (the same)
  • 1tsp of salt (the same)
Boil until lentils and rice are cooked and soft (about 30-40 min)
Meanwhile, chop the onion, the carrot and the garlic and fry it in a pan with a bit of olive oil until softened a bit. Add some salt.

When the lentils and rice are done, remove the excess of water and put them in a bowl. Mix it with the veggies, the egg, the oregano, cumin and salt until you have a soft dough. Add the cup of breadcrumbs until the mixture don't stick in your fingers.
Then make burger shapes and fry it on a pan with olive oil.

Bon appetit! 

Designing for Tattoos4us


A few months ago I've had the opportunity of designing a few temporary tattoos for Tattoos4us. I was so happy when I received the samples on my home. Having your own work printed is very exciting! I've tried it and I love the quality they have, the tattoos remain bright for almost a week. My tattoos are available here.

Thank you to the team of Tattoos4us for being so kind with me and giving me this opportunity.


Yesterday my cousin get married. It was a very beautiful ceremony and I loved to capture every single moment of their special day with my camera. I don't know why but I've become a very sensitive person at weddings (I just shed a few tears when I saw my cousin with her stunning dress... only a few, okay?). I love to see all those people so happy, smiling all the time, so in love. 

Have a great sunday 

5 things I love #15


It happens to me sometimes... I just think that my dog is awesome! This poster is from PaperPlants.

Perfect for me too, I'm hooked (tchhhs!) more and more to crochet. This brooch is from Stoic and Pariah.

Yes to colorful iphone cases! That one of the top is my favorite. These ones are from Pencil Shavings Studio.

I would love to have this pillow in my future home. I think that on my future home will be a lot of animal stuff like this one and a lot of real animals too, of course ;)

Have a nice weekend!

The Pergamon museum - Berlin


I'm a fan of museums, and when we had visits a couple of weeks ago we went to see The Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Just when you enter to the museum the first thing you see is THIS:

And then THAT:

And then THIS!

Amazing, right? We were in shock more than 30 minutes just watching these beauties and listening to the audio guide.

Then there were a lot of interesting things, of course, but not as interesting as first ones!

Let's go on an adventure


Hey! finally I've finished this illustration that I had in my head for months. This drawing is inspired by this photo by my friend and great photographer Lucas Ottone.
It's the first time I'm using textures and I'm changing a bit my way to draw. Also, I'm thinking about making prints and wallpapers, would you like it?


Life lately


Hello! I'm back. Last weeks had been a bit weird. Fran's family came to visit us to Berlin and then we came back to Mallorca to spend the summer. Too much things to do in just a few days! Moving to another place is always very stressing for me. 
When Fran's family came to visit us was so fun, we made a tour around the city, visited the different neighborhoods of Berlin and the Pergamon Museum.

Photos: The Brandenburg gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Berlin's cathedral and the tower of tv on the background, Checkpoint Charlie, Memorial to all the victims, G. trying to understand the paintings and the Wall.

Hola! He vuelto. Las últimas semanas han sido un poco raras. La família de Fran vino a visitarnos a Berlín y luego volvimos a Mallorca a pasar el verano. Demasiadas cosas que hacer en sólo unos pocos días! Mudarme a otra sitio es siempre muy estresante para mi.
Cuando la família de Fran vino a visitarnos fue muy divertido, hicimos un tour por a ciudad, visitamos los diferentes barrios de Berlín y el Museo de Pergamo. 

Fotos: Puerta de Brandenburgo, el Monumento a las víctimas del Holocausto, la catedral de Berlín y la torre de televisión al fondo, Checkpoint Charlie, el monumento a todas las víctimas, G. intentando entender los dibujos y el Muro.