another fox illustration


Hello! I just wanted to share this illustration I made with you. Do you see it in a tote bag? Or framed in a wall? Let me know what you think!

Lately I'm working a lot in custom illustrations and in a comic about a dinosaur called Mr. Anderson. I love how things are becoming!
Ahhh! And keep an eye to this blog because I'm going to host an awesome giveaway... from who? You'll see it soon :)

Have a nice day!

Hola! Sólo quería compartir con vosotros esta ilustración que he hecho. La veis en una tote bag? O enmarcada en una pared? Hacedme saber lo que pensáis!
Últimamente estoy trabajando en ilustraciones personalizadas y en un comic llamado El señor Anderson. Me encanta como se están volviendo las cosas!
Ahhh! Y estad atentos a este blog porque voy a organizar un sorteo increíble... de quién? Lo veréis muy pronto :)

Que tengáis un buen día!

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Gia @ Lovely Serendipity dijo...

Love the illustration! It would perfectly fit on a tote bag!

Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

ladaisi dijo...

Hola chica! I love the little fox. I think it would be super adorable on note cards or stationary, with some kind of one line inscription ... you've seen it done before on other illustrations - things like "Mr. Fox preferred pipes that blew bubbles." ;) I don't know, just my thought. Looking forward to seeing the dino comic, I hope!

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Blue Eyed Night Owl dijo...

Amazing! I'd love to see it on both! And I think it make a really nice button or pocket mirror as well:)

Emma dijo...

That little fox is extra cute. It'd be great on a bag or on notebook/sketchbooks or even on kindle/ipad/tablets cover.

Alessandra dijo...

beautiful! I love foxes.
Perfect on a tote, greeting card, picture, moleskine cover. it's really cute.
bye Alessandra

madisonshedd dijo...

Tote Bag!!! He is so cute!!


lazy explorers dijo...

Yes yes yes!
Soooo cute!
I love everyone's suggestions in the comments.

I think it would be super cute on a mug!

alex dijo...

Your illustrations are the cutest things!

Karrie S dijo...

i LOVE it! It would be perfect everywhere