The camera freak (I). My Praktica MTL-50


Besides having my Canon 550d, the truth is that I am a freak of cameras. I have 6 that I use and never leave my home without a camera, as well as from my phone.
This is the first camera I want to show you:

A parte de tener mi Canon 550d, la verdad es que soy una obsesa de las cámaras. Tengo 6 que voy usando  y nunca salgo de casa sin una cámara, además de la del mi móvil.
Esta es a primera cámara que os quiero enseñar:

This camera surprised me a lot. The first time I saw it I though It would take good pictures, but when I developed the first film roll I fell in love. I used to go to sell things on a flea market, so my uncles gave me a lot of things to sell, inlcuded this camera and of course I couldn't sell it! I adopted my favorite camera for all time 

Esta cámara me sorprendió mucho. La primera vez que la vi pensé que haría buenas fotos, pero cuando revelé el primer carrete me enamoré. Yo solía ir a vender cosas en un mercadillo, así que mis tíos me dieron un montón de cosas para vender, incluida esta cámara, y por supesto no podía venderla! Adopté mi cámara favorita de todos los tiempo

More Praktica fotos: Summer in film 1, 2, Fall in film, and the double exposure expertiment.

3 comentarios:

call me debbie dijo...

the colors are so pale and sweet, like these on Sofia Coppola's movies. That a success! :)

Tamaras Blend dijo...

OH my, I've been wanting to get a hold of a camera like that for ages! Perfect, and it makes great pics! You lucky girl! Can't wait to see the other cameras.

Andrea Paola dijo...

Great pics I just felt in love! Where did you buy it? If you don't remember, do you know any place where I could buy it? I just will love to have it! ♥.♥