My 5 personal running tips for begginers


First of all I want to say that these are conclusions I have drawn myself after going a few days to run (after many years without practicing any sport). So it might not be good everyone, everyone has their own way of doing sports, but I hope it will be a little helpful to someone!

1. Make small goals. The first day is best to make a short little route. The first day I said: I'm going down and up the hill of "Bahía azul"! (is a steep, very steep and long) And my sister told me: you're crazy! Go to the field, turns around and comes back, you will see how you can't do that.. And she was right. Moreover, almost I can't return to home.
Another trick I do is that when I can't run no more, I say, okay, I get up that tree and there I'll walk a couple of seconds. Especially helps me in making the final meters.

2. Listen to music. For me it's indispensable! If I hear my own breathing seems to I get more tired. I Always choose upbeat music, and it's better when you can keep up with your steps.

3. Use an app to run. I use Nike Running, the truth is that I love it. I think it's good to see your own achievements. Besides it encourages you to beat your record each time you go for a run.

4. Don't look your feet. I usually do it a lot, I usually walk looking at my feet, and when I run I do the same. Then I realize that if I look in the distance, running is lighter, a part of which is sure to breathe better.

5. Change your route. Today I tried it and as a result I managed to half a kilometer (for me it's a lot, okay?). For me, seeing new landscape distracts me and makes running less boring.

Ah! And I love going with my dog Mika, she runs at my side
And you? Do you have some personal tips for running? I'd love to hear some!
And I encourage all who are going to run every day :)

Primero de todo quiero decir que esto son conclusiones que he sacado yo misma después de ir unos cuantos días a correr (después de muchos años sin practicar ningún tipo de deporte). Así que puede que no le sirvan a todo el mundo, cada uno tiene su manera de hacer deporte, aunque espero que le sean un poco útiles a alguien!

1. Márcate pequeños objetivos. El primer día es mejor hacer una ruta cortita. El primer día me dije: ¡Voy a bajar y subir la cuesta de bahía azul! (es una cuesta muy, muy empinada y larga, me emocioné demasiado) Y mi hermana me dijo: estás loca! Ve hasta el campo, da una vuelta y vuelve, verás como con eso no puedes més. Y tenía razón. Es más, casi no llego. 
Otro truco que hago es que cuando no puedo más, me digo: vale, llego hasta ése árbol y allí camino un par de segundos. Sobretodo me ayuda a la hora de hacer los últimos metros.

2. Escuchar música. Para mi es indispensable! Si oigo mi propia respiración parece que me canso más. Siempre elijo música animada, y es mejor incluso cuando puedes seguir el ritmo con tus pasos.

3. Usar una app para correr. Yo uso Running de Nike, y la verdad es que me encanta. Creo que es muy positivo ver tus propios logros. Además te anima a superar tu récord cada vez que vayas a correr. 

4. No mirarse los pies. Yo suelo hacerlo mucho, camino mirándome los pies, y cuando corro hago lo mismo. Luego me doy cuenta de que si miro a lo lejos correr se hace menos pesado, a parte de que seguro que se respira mejor.

5. Cambia tu ruta. Hoy lo he probado y gracias a ello he conseguido hacer medio kilómetro más (todo a su tiempo, vale?). A mi, ver paisaje nuevo me distrae y hace que correr sea menos aburrido.

Ah! Y me encanta ir con mi perra Mika, ella corre a mi lado
Y vosotros? tenéis algunos consejos personales para ir a correr? Me encantaría oírlos!
Y ánimo a todos los que vais a correr cada día :)

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Carlee, Almost Endearing dijo...

I love these tips! Perfect for the beginner runner. Or someone that needs to get back into shape!
Almost Endearing

dear olive dijo...

Hello, I've just clicked over here for the first time and I have to say your illustration in your header is amazing! I love it. What a clever lady you are. Kellie xx

Jane HyunJoo Lee dijo...

Now I feel that I haven't worked out more than a week!!!
Thank you for inspiring me!
I'm so going to gym tomorrow!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for the tips! I like the idea about not looking down, it makes sense that it would affect your breathing. You have inspired me to actually try a (short) run tonight. Thanks! xo L

Anónimo dijo...

Great tips! You are so lucky that you can take your dog, mine gets so excited and tries to nip at my feet!

jorjiapeach dijo...

thanks for this!

Pony Chops dijo...

I love this! I have this favourited for when I start running again :)

Light as a Feather dijo...

hi! what kind of harness do you use with your puppy? i have a regular one with the front hook but i don't know if it would be good for running!

Lauryn Green dijo...

Hey Light as a feather! I use this kind of harness

I don't know where you can buy it, but I imagine that you can ask to any pet shop.
is miraculous, really! Because Mika normally used to pull a lot and with that harness she don't do it.
I hope that helps!