How to paint with light


Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you how to paint with light. It's so easy and fun! Last summer we spent a couple of nights only playing with light.

Suplies needed:

Flashlight / Phone
DSLR camera
Tripod or a place to keep your camera completely still

Note: You can use a flashlight app on your phone, a lot of them have different colors of light! More fun!

How to set your camera:
- Put the shutter on f/3.5 - f/4.
(Depending on the darkness you'll need more or less aperture)
- Set the shutter time. For example you can try with 15 seconds first.

Don't forget the ISO! We put it on 300

Hold very still... and if the painter is very fast he won't appear on the picture.

And don't forget to "paint" the subjects on the photo with the light. It's important because if not, they won't appear in the photo! 

Have fun!

10 comentarios:

call me debbie dijo...

Oh that's fantastic!!! I just unpacked my new canon 600D I think I will steal some time from studying to do it, it seem likesogoodtobetrue! :D

Magical Day Dream dijo...

This looks like so much fun! Definitely something I would like to try as well!



Dita Maulani dijo...

Haha, this looks fun! Cute snail image!

TheeFknGoddess dijo...

this is seriously the coolest thing ever!

Adriana dijo...

Wow. That looks like so much fun! Who wouldn't want to paint with light? :D

Satin and Souffles dijo...

Haha these photo's are brilliant! xx


I am Megan dijo...

That's amazing!! WIsh I had skills like that

Erica dijo...

This is so cool. How do you draw such awesome things (ahem that snail) when you can't see what you are doing? Love this! :)

Amanda dijo...

Ah these are awesome!! I wanna try!

ms.composure dijo...

omg thanks so much for this!!! want to try this so bad but i did not know how!