Blackbird fly


Lately I've been a bit obsessed with birds things. Especially since yesterday when I found the first dress. I want it!

Últimamente he estado un poco obsesionada con las cosas de pájaritos. Especialmente desde ayer cuando encontré el primer vestido. Lo quiero!


I've been listening this song a lot lately too.. 
Well, I hope you have / had a good day!

También he estado escuchando muchísimo esta canción ultimamente...
Bueno, espero que tengáis / hayais tenido un buen día!

With love.

3 comentarios:

Fran dijo...

You were only waiting for this moment to be free :)
I love birds too!
What about the mockingbird ? :D

Salvaged Strawberry dijo...

Last night while out thrifting, I found a trio of three turquoise birds. Now I just have to find soemwhere to hang them! :) Love that dress and that top! So pretty!

Adriana dijo...

Very cute dress! It would flatter you so well. Funny thing is, I was just contemplating getting a tattoo of bird silhouettes. Aren't they just beautiful? (: