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Hey! Some time ago I was really bored with my glasses and I needed a change, so I started thinking of buying a new ones, but you know, there's no so much money for those quirks, so I started looking some websites that they offered very cheap glasses and I found I started reading some blogger experiences with them and I found that they were giving for free the first pair of glasses (from one selection),  I only had to pay the shipping. So why not? 

But the experience at the beginning was a bit weird (but it not was their fault) because I've ordered a glasses but they never arrived to my home, so I started asking them what happened. Their customer service people was so kind (and quick!) and they started searching what happened with my lost glasses. Finally we discovered that someone in my building named "Peter" had them. Here in Germany is very common that when you're not at home and some package for you arrives, the neighbors take it and then they give it to you. So I started my journey to search Peter but... surprise! There's no Peters in my building. This is still a mystery.

So what happened next was that they were offering me a new pair of glasses for free (with free shipping) but the model that I ordered was not available anymore. And I could choose any glasses I wanted from the whole store! Very cool. 

The glasses that I've chosen are these ones and I love them so much! 

As I said, this post is not sponsored, I just wanted to share my experience with this company. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions! :)

Have a nice sunday!


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Tereza dijo...

Brilliant customer service! Well done Firmoo! I've got a pair of glasses from them too and they're ace, I always get so many compliments:)

Tereza x // Cityscape Bliss: Top 5 spring pink blushers

Blue Eyed Night Owl dijo...

They look amazing on you!
I've done two sponsored posts for sunglasses with them and have had great experiences. Glad to hear they have great service even when they don't know people are writing about them haha!

It's the first time I've actually seen you too, I think. You look just like the wonderful type of person I imagined you to be;)