Living slowly


Lately I've been having anxiety problems. Those days I'm trying to enjoy every minute and live more slowly than I'm used to. Live slowly doesn't means to be lazy, it means to enjoy, chew, savor and breathe, work less but better. For people that know me in person that could sound strange, because I seem like a very quiet person, but my mind never stops, I have all the nerves inside me.

This is what I'm trying to do: I leave the phone when I go to the beach or walking, I take breaks for reading a few pages of something I like (like this magazine, Kireei, that inspired me to do this), and I've deactivated the sounds for new emails.

What do you like to do for disconnect? :)

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Mackenzie dijo...

This is a great idea :) I've had lots of free time this summer, but I feel so guilty and anxious whenever I'm not doing something "productive"! Lately I've decided to let myself relax and not feel bad about doing nothing. After all, time you enjoy wasting is not really wasted!


Angie Bailey dijo...

My wife and I love going camping, especially in our backyard! We have a beautiful tent that we bring our goods into, like journals and the like. It's so relaxing, to disconnect and just be. I also love going outside, walking, biking or sitting in the backyard watching the sky, or walking on the bare ground. /happy sigh

Abigail ♥ dijo...

Sounds like a great idea! ♥ When I go out with friends, I always avoid checking my phone because I think it's such bad manners. You should enjoy the moment when it's happening!

Lauryn Green dijo...

Mackenzie, this is exactly how I feel!
Angie, I love the idea of going camping in the backyard, I used to do this when I was younger with my friends, it's so cute :)
Abigail, so true, I'm trying to avoid to do this because I hate it!

Pony Chops dijo...

Leaving your phone when you go for a walk sounds like a great idea. I feel pressured and anxious quite often, this is something I should try.
To relax I love to paint, luckily I get to do this quite often these days :)