Let's go on an adventure


Hey! finally I've finished this illustration that I had in my head for months. This drawing is inspired by this photo by my friend and great photographer Lucas Ottone.
It's the first time I'm using textures and I'm changing a bit my way to draw. Also, I'm thinking about making prints and wallpapers, would you like it?


5 comentarios:

Jamie S dijo...

This is super cute! The little bunny and heart cheeks. *Smiles

Angie Bailey dijo...

Oh please please please make wallpaper and prints!!! Everything you create is so, so beautiful.

Anónimo dijo...

Very nice illustration! Your work is really great.

Lanie Skaggs dijo...

I love the colors and how well you matched the inspiration picture while still making it unique.

Pony Chops dijo...

This looks so good! You have a wonderful eye for colour