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Hello! Well, this drawing has a story: It's about of take advantage of a bad situation. A girl on Etsy asked me for a portrait of her sister because she wanted to give as a present to her birthday. And I had only 5 days for drawing it. So... well, I made the sketch, I sent it to her, and then... nothing. Two weeks later... nothing. Why people do that? Why you ask to someone that works on this and then don't answer nothing? And of course, she don't pay! I don't understand it.
But well, I've changed a bit the sketch and I made this drawing, that I have to say that I'm pretty proud :)

Hola! Bueno, este dibujo tiene una historia: Es sobre aprovechar una mala situación. Una chica en Etsy me pidió un retrato de su hermana, porque quería regalárselo a su hermana por su cumpleaños. Y solo tenía 5 días para dibujarlo. Así que... bueno, hice el boceto, se lo envié, y luego... nada. Dos semanas después... nada. Por qué la gente hace eso? Por qué le pides a alguien que trabaja de esto y luego no contestas? Y por supuesto, no pagó nada! No lo entiendo.
Pero bueno, he cambiado un poco el boceto, y he hecho este dibujo, que la verdad es que tengo que decir que estoy bastante orgullosa :)


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Trisha Pelletier dijo...

i've had that happen to me too. i actually crocheted an entire baby blanket. bought specific colors based on a picture they sent me. finished it - and never heard from them again. i still have the blanket just sitting, folded up. never used. people are rude. i think in the future, maybe get a deposit (half the payment now, half after) sort of deal? then at least they have something invested too. Then if they don't pay, you still got a little something for your time.

i love the drawing tho!


Blue Eyed Night Owl dijo...

That really sucks!
I thought that if you always got paid up front things like that couldn't happen, but it turns out that isn't 100% foolproof either. (Which I found out the hard way with a custom order as well.)

Anyway, you turned it into a lovely print and I'm sure people will buy it and you'll make money off it in the end:)

lazy explorers dijo...

I love that you post these stories. I feel like people (Like myself!) think that Etsy is just all fun. People don't realize the frustration and hard work that goes into maintaining an Etsy shop.
This print is so lovely, so I am glad you were optimistic about the situation.